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The Why

I enjoy doing things with my hands and head.  This blog is a record of those things. It's also a helpful way to brag to my dad about all the food I'm making.  I think we all have second shifts, things that we do in our spare time that make us who we are.   I think it's important to cultivate these things, and constantly be learning.  This blog is a good way to force myself to do the things I love. 

The Who

I'm Rosemary.  I was born in Canada.  That's where my Mum's family lives.  Now I live in England.  This is where my Dad's family lives.  My Dad, Mum and brother and sister live in the U.S.  I was raised a ballet dancer and also really enjoyed making things as a kid. I lived in New York City for nearly 9 years, before I moved to London in 2014.   My favorite things to do are multi-task and putter.  Occasionally, I skulk.  I also like being uncomfortable, which explains why I've taken up English surfing. 

My first shift: 

I am a Product Manager who works in Software Development.  Right now, I'm an PM at Pivotal Labs, London.  We help our clients make high quality software while teaching them how to structure balanced teams and use lean practices.  

I specialize in lean validation techniques and user research, which helps the clients and companies I've worked with create products that have user needs at their #1 priority. I've working with companies like Santander, King Media, major retail brands, non-profits and government agencies.  

I used to live in Brooklyn, New York. I went to NYU Wagner for an Masters in Public Administration, where I specialized in systems analysis and tech in the public sector.  I worked at a stat-up called Case Commons which builds case management software for child welfare agencies.  

I also enjoy teaching about the PM role and have given workshops, seminars and classes.  Last Fall, I taught the Product Manager class at General Assembly London, with a curriculum that I wrote and tailored to the latest thinking in product management and design. I love to think and write about my work, and you'll find some examples below.