Thanksgiving Lunch: Salmon and Avocado Toasts

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This is a serious post.  I think this post solves a massive problem, which is what to eat prior to eating a ridiculously huge meal.  I get to have two Thanksgiving dinners this year.  My dear friend David hosted one this past weekend at his gorgeous loft in Hackney and BestCoupleEver Anna and Seb are hosting.  David and I were a good team on Sunday, tag teaming on side dishes, but David basically saved the day by asking "Have you had lunch?"  I had not, and this is a common theme.  I'm so busy cooking food that I forget to eat properly.  

Cooking is hard work, especially big, elaborate meals.  You're on your feet for hours, bending, chopping, blending, whipping, all of the things.  But with a meal like the one we made ahead of us, making something that requires any additional effort seems like a terrible idea. 

David's solution, Salmon and Avocado Toasts.  These couldn't be simpler, no dishes needed, (which is good because we used them all.) They are filling, healthy, light and give great energy.  We made these with Gravlax, but smokey, flaked salmon would be amazing too.  I prefer a dark, dense bread to something white and fluffy here.  It holds up a bit better and has a better bite. 

It's a different flavor to the meal you're about to eat, yet somehow equally satisfying. 

Avocado and Salmon Toasts

  • 1 avocado, mashed up with lemon juice and salt 

  • 1 packet of smoked salmon, whatever kind you prefer

  • 4 slices of bread, I prefer dense rye 

You could really go nuts with the avocado here.  Add lemon, garlic, red chili, salt, pepper, whatever.  You could make guac if you like, but since I was cooking for 14 I kept it simple, just lemon and salt.  Top your toasts with the greeny goodness and snip a few pieces of the salmon on top.  A few grinds of fresh pepper and you're ready to munch as you stir your pumpkin pie filling.